What We Value Good for the climate and the environment

A-DEUS is a cornerstone project in the drive to remove 5,000 billion tons of CO2 equivalent from circulation over the next 25 years.

It will replace dirtier fossil fuel power generation and build a smart energy network where energy can be generated cleanly and cheaply in one location, then stored and delivered to customers at their point of use in any form that is needed (transportation, cooking, cooling/heating and electricity).

CO2 and methane emissions offset by use of Fuel Cell:
(assuming previous use of diesel generators)

A-DEUS offers a scalable pathway to decarbonising energy generation in the UK.

The amount of Green House Gases (GHG) released by an A-DEUS power production cycle process is on average 50% to 70% less than the GHG released by conventional power stations.

In transition to clear energy generation by Solar, Biomass and Wind, A-DEUS enables a solution that will provide a novel approach to carbon capture and utilisation based on the natural ability of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to concentrate exhaust carbon dioxide ready for capture by a solid sorbent.

The exhaust from A-DEUS fuel cells is vented via a compact filter containing two solid sorbent cartridges that trap the concentrated CO2. Used cartridges are regularly collected and replaced with fresh ones. Once transported back to the A-DEUS process centre, the CO2 is safely released and then used as a carbon source for carbon and nano fibre production and further R&D of graphene production, all of which will be used in the production of the A-DEUS DERs.

Good for business and for consumers

The A-DEUS energy service is scalable and adaptable to consumption needs and purpose. As well as achieving environmental benefits it can significantly reduce costs and improve economic prosperity in the UK as well as in other countries where fuel costs are a major overhead and are subject to fraud. The service improves the quality of life and disposable income of consumers by reducing monthly energy bills.

Good for Governance

Strong and transparent corporate governance is being embedded into our company structure and standards from the start. We are appointing independent board members for oversight of our management and operations. We will undergo an annual independent ethics audit to comply with international accounting standards and have no shell companies or tax haven entities. FCPS clauses are being be included in contracts with all contractors and there will be publicly accessible information on taxes and fiscal or JV payments made to government entities. The company shareholder agreement includes clearly defined issues reserved for shareholders decisions and vote and issues delegated to directors and / or management.

Good for Society and Employment

The A-DEUS charitable foundation will establish programmes focused on our core values of education, empowerment and health. We are partnering with a leading think tank on culture and ethics to build unique programs tailored to the individual communities where we operate.

A-DEUS is licensing the technology we use and bringing manufacturing to the communities we serve. This maximises job creation and reduces transportation to minimise carbon footprint. A-DEUS plans to create over 28,000 new jobs in the first 24 months of operations, with a considerable percentage of those jobs attractive to women and people with disabilities.

Our staff are not just a workforce they are part of the A-DEUS family and we are committed to enabling a healthy work/life balance and providing opportunities for staff to pursue their dreams through training, coaching, support services, childcare facilities, enhanced pay and flexible working. We are providing a safe working environment, adopting best practice health & safety standards.