The business energy market is a key barrier for businesses trying to survive on wafer-thin profit margins and can quickly exhaust their funding. That’s why joining A-DEUS and having energy personalised to meet your specific business energy needs, reduces cost and boosts profits by over 10%.

A-DEUS delivers a combination of reliability, resilience, and sustainability. In addition to producing on-site energy and reducing your carbon footprint, you reap the benefit of lower and predictable energy costs. Similar to adding a mobile phone and data plan with 24/7 customer service, our base platform is scalable and flexible to provide personalised benefits and fully meet your energy needs.

A-DUES gives business the ability to earn tax benefits through co-ownership of a low carbon Virtual Energy Plant and to operate with net negative carbon emissions using biogas, or reduced carbon emissions using natural gas, all at a lower and predictable total cost of ownership.

Our platform provides unprecedented flexibility to meet your energy needs and personalise benefits for a wide range of business types.

A-DEUS enables businesses to co-generate their own energy, delivering a fixed 25-year price with no need to worry about price increases or higher surcharges.

Thanks to its high efficiency, the A-DEUS fuel cells and heat pumps are environmentally friendly and allow you to actively contribute to the energy transition and climate protection.

A-DEUS offers an ultra-modern, innovative way of consuming energy

A Proven, scalable solution

Public Sector

For the public sector, we can offer complex multi-site, low cost energy solutions.


Cost Reduction

For the public sector, we can offer complex multi-site, low cost energy solutions.


Residential Development

For housebuilders developing single or multiple sites, we can help you with your energy supply and connection for each development.



For industrial organisations, we offer low cost solutions for high energy consumption.